Sunday night in the first district of Lyon

During my free walking tour, a lot of people ask me where they can go out at night. Personally, I really like to go to the old city or in the first district to have a drink at night. There’s so many places where you can have fun when the night is on. But, when we talk about Sunday night… That’s not the same story… Empty streets ! Empty or closed pub… What’s suppose to be an awesome night become a nightmare.

Lyon, the City of Light. So lively, so vibrant from Thursday to Saturday, die at the end of the week-end. Sad people go back to their caves, waiting reasonably Monday morning. But you, happy tourist, unemployed, freelancer or rebel who refuse to accept the code of our society. You ! Who refuse the power of the Monday morning… What can you do ?

Live music in a bar on Sunday night ? No. Crazy atmosphere with crazy drunk people on Sunday night ?? No. Bar open on Sunday night ??? Yes… Maybe… Few of them…

From Thursday to Saturday, that’s always the same debate :

– Where do we go ?
– Johnny Walsh ? There’s live music and it’s easy to meet people there. It’s seems so nice ! And the guy talked about it in the free walking tour !
– No ! I more in the mood for a cocktail…
– So let’s go to the Florian. He said it was the best cocktail bar in Lyon during the free walking tour
– Or a wine bar ?!
– Cave des voyageurs ! There’s nothing better he said in the free walking tour
– Can you stop with your f*** free walking tour !
– Decide something and I’ll stop f*** b*** ! I just want to drink and have fun !
– Or a beer ? I heard there was a huge choice in les Berthom…

And when it’s Sunday :

– Where do we go ?
– I don’t know. What’s open with more than two people ?
– Wellll…

But don’t worry ! I’ve the solution. Go to the Dam’s Pub on place Sathonay ! It’s a bar with a terrace where you can have beer, cocktail or wine. Barmen and barmaids are incredibly nice and for around 11 euros, you’ll have a nice pizza. It’s the best !

Always open and always lively. There’s people there everyday and every time. And, most of the time, people going there are nice and easy going. It’s easy to meet people and to talk with them. Even better, there’s a Velo’v station on the terrace. So you won’t have any excuse. It’ll always be possible for you to come or leave with a Velo’v. And the last but the probably best reason to go there : If you come, you’ll probably meet me there… 

Eh !!! Pssstt…. This tip also works on Monday night…