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About Us

LyonExplorer is here to help you to discover and explore the amazing city of Lyon

With our Free Walking Tours, and our Private Tours, LyonExplorer is the best opportunity to discover and Explore Lyon. We’ll introduce you to The history of the city. We’ll give you recommendations for where you can go out at night, where you can eat, what to visit. We’ll give you all the keys to have the best experience in our beloved Lyon

The Team

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Guide – Founder

Globetrotter, backpacker, I arrived 4 years ago in the beautiful city of Lyon. I literally felt in love with this place. I always go on walking tours when I arrive in a big city and in Lyon, I didn’t find what I wanted. So I created it just for you lucky guys 😉

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Originaly fom Spain but in Love with France and with Lyon since forever, I joined LyonExplorer to have the opportunity to meet people everyday and to share my love of my city with as many people as possible… So see you soon during a free walking tour !