Private tour in Lyon – Thematic or tailor-made

Because you deserve the best, LyonExplorer has created three thematic private tours and one unique tailor-made tour, just for you.

Enjoy the city in the best conditions with a local guide just for yourself. During the private tour, I’ll adapt to you in order to deliver the tour that suits you the best.

Cultural and historical private tour

The perfect tour to discover the main aspects of Lyon and to feel like home in this beautiful city

– 150€ for a 2.5h tour
– 200€ for a 4h tour

Our 2 000 years old city has so much to offer. That’s why I created this private tour. We’ll walk together around the most interesting and beautiful part of the city but not only. I’ll also reveal to you its hidden gems.

I’ll guide you from the peninsula to the Croix Rousse going through the old district (Vieux Lyon) with the famous secret passages named Traboules. From the Romans to the modern age, from the street art to the gastronomy, I’ll give you all the keys for a better understanding of our culture and history through facts and anecdotes.

Become more aware than the locals

Architectural and heritage private tour

For people passionate or curious about architecture. I’ll lift the veil on all the secrets of Lyon’s 2000 years of architecture

– 150€ for a 2.5h tour
– 200€ for a 4h tour

Because Lyon takes its origin in the Roman time and thanks to our laws on heritage conservation, we’ve one of the most interesting and diverse architecture and heritage in the country.

From the Roman ruins to the modern time, through renaissance and revolution, from commercial times with worldwide influences to the industrial time with the Canuts, Lyon has so much to tell! Be sure not to miss anything!

Join us in our time machine

Gastronomy of Lyon tour

This is not a food tour but a visit about the gastronomy to initiate you to the diversity of the Lyonnaise cuisine

– 150€ for a 2.5h tour

Since 1935, Lyon is known as the world capital of gastronomy. But do you know why? Do you know the history of the Lyonnaise cuisine?

During this tour, I’ll explain you how and why our gastronomy became so famous around the world. From the Romans with the first wines produced in the region to the famous chef Paul Bocuse and the “Mères Lyonnaise”, you’ll know everything. And, of course, I’ll do a presentation of our specialties in order to build up your appetite!

“Fat is life” – Kaamelott 2005

Tailor made private tour

A unique guided tour in Lyon, made specially for you

– 200€ for a 2.5h tour
– 300€ for a 4h tour

You can’t decide which topic is the most interesting? You’re setting up a seminary? You’re a big group, a couple? You want something special? This visit is made for you!

According to what you’re interesting in, I’ll create a unique visit, specially for you and I’ll adapt to all your desires all along our walk. We can talk together about the content of the visit before or you can just trust me and I’ll create the best tour possible for you, a mix of all the topics and of course, I’ll include my favorite places in the city.

Because you always deserve the best