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Are you a fan of free walking tours? Are you looking for the best way to discover the beautiful city of Lyon? You’ve found the right place!
So? When will you come?

LyonExplorer is offering you two kinds of visits

Free walking tours

Free walking tour historic and cultural

2.5 hours tour around the peninsula, the Croix Rousse and the old district to discover all the aspects of Lyon

Free walking tour by night

Let’s explore the dark side of Lyon through creepy stories: killing, politics, paranormal, death…

Cultural and historic private tour

Let’s take the time to explore the city from every angle. This tour is specially made for people who want to know and see everything about Lyon

Architectural and patrimonial Private tour

A visit around the impressive richness of Lyon’s architecture and patrimony. From antiquity to modernity, I’ll explain and show you everything

Gastronomy Private tour

It’s not a food tour but the perfect way to discover the Lyonnaise gastronomy. From its history to its actual form, I’ll reveal to you all its secrets

Tailor made Private tour

If you want the best, this tailor made tour is for you. I’ll adapt to your desires in order to deliver you the best experience, created just for you

Why should you choose LyonExplorer in order to visit Lyon?

Our success comes from our philosophy. From the free walking tours to the thematic private tours, we always adapt to your desires in order to give you the best!

We will bring you through the heart of the city of Lyon, and you will learn about the two thousand years of history that has taken place in this dynamic city. We’ll also give you advice on the best things to do in Lyon. And our job is particularly easy in Lyon because it’s the most beautiful city in France !

Capital of gastronomy and murals, Roman history, workers revolts. The “Capital des Gaules” is a must see in France, full of secrets, hidden places and unknown history. So take time to enjoy and visit Lyon with us !

Since always, LyonExplorer put all its efforts in giving you the best but, if you still have doubts, take a look at the comments on TripAdvisor:


– Is booking mandatory to participate in a free walking tour?

Yes, it is. In order to give you the best experience, we limit the size of the group. Especially in winter, if nobody booked, the tour won’t happened, so it’s really important to book. But if you forgot to book, don’t hesitate to come anyway, we never know!

– Are tours family friendly?

Our tours are family friendly. Nonetheless, if you have a stroller, you have to be aware that we’ll be climbing some steps. So, be prepared for it! The night tour is not violent and there’s no screamer but it is still some very dark stories. So, if your kid is very young, maybe it is not the best tour ever. But we accept everybody. It is your decision.

– In which languages are you offering your freetour?

Our main tour is in French and English.
Our night tour is in English only. But, for large groups or a private tour, we can provide tours in Spanish.

– Where and how can I find you?

Our main freetour is starting from the second main square of Lyon “Les Terreaux”, close to the fountain.
Our night freetour is starting from the main square of Lyon “Bellecour”, close to the big statue of Louis XIV.
We always have a huge white umbrella. So, you can’t miss us.

Visit Lyon with LyonExplorer