FreeTour Lyon Information – Time and Details

Hey ! I know it’s winter. I know it’s quite cold outside but, what is best than having a good walk with amazing stories and then, as an award, settle in a coffee shop…

Alternative Tour – Free Walking Tour in Lyon

From Monday to Saturday morning at 10am in the middle of Bellecour Square in English

Free Walking Tour to explore the hidden places of Lyon

Booking is recommended but not mandatory for this 2.5 hours Alternative Free tour!

The peninsula, the old district, Croix Rousse hill… Secret passages (Traboules), abandoned church, architecture, roman ruins, street art… Recommendations for the best bakery, museums, pubs, activities, restaurants and places to visit by yourself.

On this Alternative Free Walking tour, I’ll guide you around the best and my favorite places. I’ll give you an overview over all the aspects of Lyon…

Are you ready to explore my Lyon ?

FreeTour : Alternative Free Walking Tour

The Night Tour – Free Walking Tour in Lyon

On Monday at 9pm in the middle of Bellecour Square in English

Night Tour to see Lyon from a different point of view

Booking is recommended but not mandatory for this 2 hours Spooky Night Free tour!

Lyon on a night tour is not just a beautiful city. It has a different atmosphere when it’s not daylight. It has some dark secrets and weird stories. Second World War, murder, human stupidity, politics, French Revolution… Lyon is way more than what you think !

On this Night Free Walking Tour, I’ll guide you where you’d never go by yourself and I’ll tell you some stories which people of Lyon are not so proud of…

Meet the dark side of Lyon !

Night Free Walking Tour

Meeting Point for all the Free Walking Tours in Lyon

All our Free City Tours start in the middle of Bellecour Square, under the statue of Louis XIV

Statue de Louis XIV, Place Bellecour

Look for the white umbrella

Free Walking Tours in Lyon – By Night and Alternative

After several trips around the world where I tried many Free City Tour and Night tour, back in Lyon, I discovered there was no Free Walking Tour like the one I would expect if I was visiting Lyon. All the existing tours were very expensive and very mainstream. There was no Free Night Tour. That’s why I became a local guide and I created my own Free Walking Tours.

If you’re wondering what is a Free Tour, it’s easy. It’s a tour with no need to book. You just have to be at the right place at the right time. And it’s free of charge. It works only on tips. If you appreciate the tour, you are free to tip us…

So join us now for an Alternative tour or a Night tour in Lyon !

And if you’re more in the mood for something special, an unique visit of Lyon made just for you, check out our Private tour offers !